About the Valor Awards

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Infinite Energy Forum

This special reception honors those in public safety by presenting awards to the men and women who have given the most to protect and serve the citizens of Gwinnett.


  • Gold Medal – The highest award for bravery and heroism. Awarded in cases in which the public safety official knowingly placed his/her/their life/lives in peril of death or serious bodily harm while saving or attempting to save the lives of others.
  • Silver Medal – Second highest award for bravery and heroism. Awarded in situations when a public safety official knowingly exposes himself/herself/themselves to great personal risk in the performance of an official act.
  • Bronze Medal – Awarded in situations in which a public safety official demonstrates extraordinary judgment and performance of his/her/their duties during the course of an emergency.


Awarded to the public safety official in recognition of acts taken in a life-threatening situation where an individual’s life is in jeopardy, either medically or physically. This award may also be given for very complex rescues with the patient’s survival.


Awarded to an outstanding person or public safety program in the community, including personal time given both on and off the job.


Awarded to public safety professionals who have performed their jobs with exceptional skill, expertise, innovation and results. Community involvement both on and off the job should reflect favorably.

  • Public Safety Person of the Year
  • Public Safety Unit of the Year
  • Communications Person of the Year


The Public Safety Leadership Award is awarded to an individual who has excelled in community-oriented engagement and activities that are collaborative, cooperative, and proactive at the command staff level. This award highlights the importance of maintaining an environment where safety, security, and cooperation are essential to the successful mission of the Gwinnett County and surrounding communities. Awarded to individuals who demonstrate actions which create or support safety of community members. Through their leadership, nominee established a sustainable program or cultivated and/or enhanced relationships that encouraged the collaborations of two or more groups to create an identifiable impact on public safety.
Eligibility: Supervisors – Lieutenant or higher and/or civilian supervisors within the public safety and law enforcement communities.

PURPLE HEART (awarded as necessary)

Awarded to any public safety professional who has been critically injured or killed in the line of duty while performing his/her responsibilities at the scene of an emergency incident (whether on- or off-duty). The injury must be significant and must have occurred while directly involved in emergency operations or emergency medical treatment and rescue.